Guiltless (Yuri/GirlxGirl)

Guiltless (Yuri/GirlxGirl)

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Shibu By Shibuyan Updated Jul 14, 2015

After getting herself homeless in distant Japan, Kari is forced to live on the streets and beg for food. Thankfully, she is taken in by a small family and is promised a safe place to stay until she can support herself. After having a run in with the daughter of her new temporary family, she's pushed into a corner where her only choices are leave or give in to her new sister! Inspired by the popular YURI manga Citrus by Saburouta, this story will certainly be enjoyed by fans of the yuri genre. 

**note: this story will be updated randomly due to school and such :3 a girl has her duties**

**my English may not be best but bare with me :D**

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XRareForeverX XRareForeverX Jul 16, 2017
Thank you for writing this book that is inspired by citrus....i absolutely love citrus so thank you!(1000x)
drpurplex drpurplex Mar 09, 2017
I've read this book on my old Wattpad account, and I love it. But... I'm actually really sad that it's been so long since the last chapter upload... I've been waiting for so long, and I really want to read more of this story. <3 I just love it!!! Please read this @Shibuyan !!!
dexmorgon dexmorgon Sep 25, 2015
I love story's that do this cuz I alway wonder what the other persons thinking :)
dedacountxd dedacountxd Aug 05, 2015
If it were me in this situation "h-hallo" I would have been like "Haiiii how are my my name is Lyrik and we should be good friends!!"
TheVeryHarshCriticz TheVeryHarshCriticz Jul 28, 2015
The story is in English, no? Why is there Japanese in it? I only accept honorifics to be used.
thuglernjergi thuglernjergi Jul 08, 2015
For a moment there, I thought she was speaking Japanese. Lmao