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Jinete By SuperBltch Updated Feb 11

"Position 9."

Tap tap tap.

My pumps are black. My hair is full of volume. My face is flawlessly pampered and my skin is clear of blemishes and dark spots. I am wearing a black leather corset and I'm rocking it like the bitch I am. In front of me lie the 7 most perfect beings a woman could ask for, all kneeling at my feet.

I feel on top of the world. I feel power surging thorough my body. I love these moments.

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  • natalieglebova
  • romance
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Jul 02, 2016
Pretty good! You pulled off the powerful part right, I like the multiple partners, I just wonder if she can handle all of them. 7 is quite a lot of subs to have. Good luck!
StrangeTeddy StrangeTeddy Jan 31, 2016
You done well! Nothing wrong with trashy smut! Will be reading more.  You make covers? Nice, just the help a software incoherent person needs. You feel creative?  Vtd!
nieceyJ5 nieceyJ5 Feb 18, 2017
Love it. Woman at my own heart. Nothing like Pets at your feet waiting on your every command. Waiting to please
deadmamazombie deadmamazombie Dec 26, 2014
Make the complete book!!!! I would love to read the rest!!!! I think this can actually reach high levels in popularity if you continue it cause it's that good!!! Loved it!! ❤️❤️
justmebro justmebro Dec 21, 2014
Honestly i want to read the rest!! Please make this into a full book! :3
donnaqtpie donnaqtpie Dec 17, 2014
This sounds like an amazing book and I would love to continue reading if you continue writing. :)