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The Princess Of The Dragon Slayers {In Editing}

The Princess Of The Dragon Slayers {In Editing}

91.3K Reads 2.9K Votes 23 Part Story
TwinDria By TwinDria Completed

Lucy leaves the Fairy Tail guild after her teammates kicked her out of Fairy Tail's strongest team. Lucy is left with sorrow and anger in her heart as she travels a long way away from Magnolia and the Fairy Tail guild. As she walks a lonely road, she runs into someone she never thought she would see.
  Oh yeah, on a separate note, back when I first made this story AT LEAST two years ago, I didn't quite know how to spell or EDIT so I am currently editing this story so people can read the word "Cana" With happiness instead of reading "Cona" with annoyance. Other than that, I hope you enjoy!
    __I do not own Fairy Tail__

Hey gray and natsu, u guys better start running for the hills cause I'm going to. Find you and murder you for what you said! ~
Moanafriendofthesea Moanafriendofthesea Feb 19, 2016
Did you just forget how bad she beat  you up and dragged you to the guild like a sack of mud.
unipanda123 unipanda123 Jan 24, 2016
Well it's not like her magic is to SUMMON SPIRITS FROM ANOTHER FÜCKING WORLD and use them as support or anything
KuraiKasai41 KuraiKasai41 Nov 11, 2015
She's a Celestial Mage, a Stellar Mage! She's supposed to use her keys to help her!!!
Dragonairia101 Dragonairia101 Nov 01, 2015
There is an AH in the guild and I really think whoever rules all of Fiore should beat that bitch out of him.
kristalMF kristalMF Dec 31, 2014
Says the person who just got dragged into the middle of the guild. What a baka