Won't Let You Go ~ Yandere! Hetalia X Reader

Won't Let You Go ~ Yandere! Hetalia X Reader

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ManlyPonies By ManlyPonies Updated Jan 02

Welcome to my new story! Please remember that this will be about MOSTLY Yandere. There will be others like Dying!, Neko!, and ect. Please enjoy and read on! 

You thought everything was going to be swell, alright, and smooth.

You thought of this because the man that loved you so much was always by your side.
He cared about you and made you happy. You felt safe when he was around you and said that he loved you every night. 

He had messy blonde hair, extraordinary emerald eyes, and thick eyebrows. He was perfection and your boyfriend.

This young man was Arthur Kirkland. Everything about him, you simply adored. Just having Arthur around, makes each day special... Until now...


You walked through the streets of London, just to drop off Arthur's jacket that he had left in your apartment. You found your way to his place and walked up to the door. Pressing the doorbell button wasn't your first option because it wasn't working. So...

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On second thought we should have gotten a plane to Antarctica....
_The_demon_goddess_ _The_demon_goddess_ Aug 08, 2017
Oh wow... I'm shocked and surprised and laughing at the same time
AllaGami AllaGami May 07
I will never say no! This may sound weird, but I think the idea of having a yandere lover is adorable!
Me: How about next week with the coma I'll be having because of them
                              England: HEY! I MADE THOSE FOR YOU, THEY'RE DELICIOUS!!
                              Me: You have no taste buds...
like_ami like_ami May 21, 2017
*when your first amendment is freedom of speech and you can practically hear liberty coming to save you*
_The_demon_goddess_ _The_demon_goddess_ Aug 08, 2017
*sneakily takes off ring and replaces it with a pop tart throwing the other ring away* *mumbles in sleep* better