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The Alpha's Tiny Mate

The Alpha's Tiny Mate

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Taylor Marie By TaylorMariexoxo Updated Jul 30, 2016

"Say it!" He growled.
"Say what?" I whimper
"That your mine.." 
Taylor was the runt of the greediest pack in the world. She was the runt while her father was the alpha. He had always hated her ever since her mother died protecting her. With a abusive pack, and alpha/father, what will happen when the biggest alpha of the world Shane Ryder shows up? Will he reject her or will he show her all the love and support to get her back on her feet and into his arms.

-Queen-red- -Queen-red- Jan 04
Pretty good I guess... I mean I'm not gonna sleep tonight but my day was good so yeah... look on that bright side yo!!
ASheYoullneverKnow ASheYoullneverKnow Jun 20, 2016
Also the teacher that 5'4 is probably a runt and ain't tall; think you got it mixed up
AngelKk13 AngelKk13 Feb 12
I would probably smell of chocolate cos that's my fave thing in the whole world
LydiaRose15 LydiaRose15 Sep 19, 2016
Hell, I'm 5'5 and I considered myself tall. I have a friend who is 5'2 and everyone thinks her is in sixth grade and we're both in tenth
lmao_who_are_you lmao_who_are_you Oct 20, 2016
Eh I'm supposed to be getting ready for school but I'm reading this
havlee03 havlee03 May 05, 2016
I'm going to think she is 4'8 BC my stepdad is tall and he is 5'9 he is like really tall or I'm just not tall at all