Living With 8 Boys. {SLOW UPDATES}

Living With 8 Boys. {SLOW UPDATES}

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lauretahetaa By lauretahetaa Updated Dec 15, 2017

One teenage girl just wanted to have a relaxing, changing, fun summer with her best friend Jade but once her parents had to go on a business trip with a couple of collage friends, things changed. Skyler couldn't stay home all alone so she had to go live with eight boys. It definitely was a changing summer, but in a bad and good way. 

Skyler Rose is stubborn, strong, funny girl with a big future ahead of her with her grades high. Adam on the other hand is an annoying, obnoxious, short-tempered, man-whore who wouldn't be able to last two days on his own. When these two live under the same roof, all hell breaks loose. 

She never would've expected such a heartbreaking, romantic, dramatic, crazy and a scary summer. so much can happen in two months. 

Will she go home with a broken heart or one with the hole in her heart filled? She definitely will have a mad summer. With parties, fights, late sneak outs at night, Skyler never knew how crazy this one summer would be and she definitely didn't know how much this would change her life. Read to find out everything.

Horrible with description but hopefully you would read this book :) 

¥This book is not edited it has mistakes, I'm trying as much as I can to edit¥ ALSO! ¥PREPARE YOURSELF FOR ENDLESS CRINGING AND A HOPELESS ROMANTIC CLICHE STORY¥

  • arguing
  • boys
  • comedy
  • death
  • drama
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  • happiness
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  • romance
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  • summer
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Dorkysophie Dorkysophie Apr 09
About Netflix...Chocolate....Junk food....Extreme Sports..Parties...
                              Ya know, the ordinary
Dorkysophie Dorkysophie Apr 09
Why Africa’s so common in books when the parents go away? 😂😂😂
Queen_Ani_22 Queen_Ani_22 Jul 14, 2016
Omg this character sounds like me except I am a little taller
lostcause4 lostcause4 Aug 20, 2016
Im gonna imagine her taller because i just wanna read a book with a tall person in it
Mpatel9090 Mpatel9090 Jul 10, 2016
She reminds me exactly of my friend, Mayra ( she's my profile pic )
Busted_PJ Busted_PJ Dec 10, 2016
I thought you only needed your passport if you were going out if the country.