Can I Handle My Thug? (EDITING)

Can I Handle My Thug? (EDITING)

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Nikki Daniels is a 17 year old female that knows nothing but pain. Her only joy is her 1 year old son, who's her motivation to never give up. Even though he is the product of her rape she still considers him the best thing that ever happened to her. 

Kingston Williams is a 18 year old male, The youngest drug lord in NC. King doesn't care for anything besides his 2 year old daughter. He's never been in a relationship and doesn't plan on it. He has everything he could possibly want in life, or so he thinks...

What will happen when Nikki and King's worlds collide? Drama, drama and even more drama!

  • children
  • drama
  • drugs
  • love
  • thug
brittbb0 brittbb0 Apr 28, 2017
D a m n y'all don't even know each other but already talking about moving in
territurner29 territurner29 Mar 08, 2017
my son shock everyone, by crawling at four days old. when he got up start walking at nine months  without falling down. when he was one he was fully potty train. people don't believe me so we kept it on video.
lildickgirl666 lildickgirl666 Nov 05, 2017
my nigga you being sweet and all but ion know you , you sound like a hoe , you sound so damn gay , like nigga what man says boo 😐
OrgDimpleGoddess OrgDimpleGoddess Aug 04, 2017
Hell yeaaaa Mickey Ds bihhh I wouldn't mind tbh if you take me to a restaurant Ima order a burger anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️
Qveenaj Qveenaj Jul 12, 2017
I go to this book when I don't have anything else in my library worth reading #3rdtimereader
lildickgirl666 lildickgirl666 Nov 05, 2017
oh hell nawhhh to the nawh , say mane it’s to early for that ion know u like dat