Forever and Always, Olive

Forever and Always, Olive

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Caitlin W. By istolethecookiez Completed

I was dared to ask him to homecoming. I didn’t actually expect him to say yes.

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New town, new school, new friends- a new start. It’s all Olivia could really ask for.  Having to move in with her extremely cheerful aunt and her snobby cousin, Olivia’s taken by surprise. It’s a change, of course. But is it a good one?

With a cousin like Vivica, who’s one of the popular girls in school, Olivia has to undergo a lot in order to be accepted into that crowd. They’re the only people she knows, and she’s not exactly a social butterfly. And a part of the pressure that she has to endure includes her having to ask Maddox Finnegan, a considerably misbehaved guy, to homecoming. 

And she didn't expect  him to say yes. 

And she really didn't expect everything to change because of his answer.

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  • comedy
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  • homecoming
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Everyone thinks about Mean Girls while I think about Moses and the Red Sea
bangloona bangloona Nov 06
lmao sounds like me and my cousin when we were young. i havent seen her in 7 years, almost.
I take french! And biiiiitttttcccchhhh I got a perfect score on my test 😉
WOWWWW..I didn't expect this,like, AT ALL...thanks Tracy, you're a tremendous help😑😑😑
First of all honey, learn  that the word 'peoples' is not a thing
@hollow_peach I feel you, I took it for three years and can tell you like three things in French lol