Fairy Tail: All of the Stars

Fairy Tail: All of the Stars

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Fairy Tail is the same as it usually is, causing chaos and fights around the guild, but when a new job appears suddenly, the team sets out on a new and chaotic adventure!

As secrets about the Celestial World are revealed, Lucy Heartfilia is forced to become the savior of not only her world, but the spirit one as well.

But, of course, they'll always be those who wish to stop her...

What dark secrets and treacherous villains could possibly loom near?

Find out in Fairy Tail: All of the Stars!

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Animelover0721POP Animelover0721POP Jun 20, 2017
Wendy: Stop being so uptight!
                              Carla: W-W-Why I never!
                              Wendy: *Whispers* I'm still getting payed for this right?
lunarheartfilla lunarheartfilla Apr 02, 2017
this is my sister and I on vacation's she has clothes and I have anime and games
You Rest In Peace my friend...I’ll never forget the day u die
booksrock53 booksrock53 Nov 28, 2017
R.I.P natsu aka cake destroyer
                              Warning spoiler
                              Aka E.N.D
bookwormoflove bookwormoflove May 09, 2017
Wendy be like:
                              😑😑 I'm 11 years old so shut the f*ck up
LucyDragneelX793 LucyDragneelX793 Jul 06, 2016
She reminds me of the lady off of Victorias  always screaming MORE POWER