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bad reputation - Dan Howell DISCONTINUED

bad reputation - Dan Howell DISCONTINUED

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ashtonsloveaffair By ashtonsloveaffair Completed

Dan Howell. The schools bad boy. He walks around the halls with his leather jacket slung over his shoulder, his hair tousled and a stupid smirk on his face. He's the popular guy who has a different girl every night and is at a party every weekend, getting so pissed he probably doesn't remember his own hair colour. Yes I'll admit, he is good looking, but he's a piece of trash that breathed sexual innuendoes and doesn't give a shit who he offends. Believe it or not, me and Dan used to be best friends. We were the social outcasts when we started school. But when some of the bitchy popular kids asked him to go down cider in the woods with them at 10pm one night in year 9, he was sucked into the whirlwind that was popularity, and quite frankly turned into an arse. See, there's two groups of popular kids. The bitchy ones who everyone tries to avoid in fear of being beat up or embarrassed in front of the whole school.
Then there's my group of friends. We're the, if you can say, talented kids....

as soon as I read the title of this book I listened to Shawn Mendes for an hour
yougetdatazzmaaann yougetdatazzmaaann Nov 28, 2016
I wish this was me I sound like a horse on ecstasy when trying to sing
trashbecausehowell trashbecausehowell Aug 14, 2016
Is this how I seem to all my friends? Oh wait. That's how I am. Rip Phil. And yes. I would say that tho.
y are chris and pj the two guys always in books with dan and phil? oh wait
- - Feb 03
When in irl Dan is a major drama geek and i .ca sympathize completely.
                              Also, all of these girls are literally me. I sing, act, write, run and have very few friends.
queencameroon queencameroon Aug 29, 2016
                              LIVIN IN THE PAST ITS A NEW GENERATION