All Alone

All Alone

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Shut up, Heather! By gretschreib Completed

Santana sobbed into her chest and kept saying the same phrase over and over. "I wanna die! I wanna die." The words ran together. "I wanna die I wanna die!" She sobbed and shrieked. "JUST LET ME DIE!"

Brittany shook her head, crying just as hard and kissed the top of the Latina's head. "No. I won't. I won't let you die, honey. I promise."

In which Brittany saves her life.

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Bitch-You-Thought Bitch-You-Thought Jul 25, 2017
I wish someone did that at our school, though, our equipment is really expensive
Bitch-You-Thought Bitch-You-Thought Jul 25, 2017
It's "exception"... To accept something is to allow into group/receive something 😊 It's become a problem, since accept and except sound almost the same.
LBinsteed LBinsteed Feb 24, 2015
Loving your fanfics! I'm currently writing my own Brittana fanfic (with some Faberry) would you mind giving it a read and telling me where you think i should go with it? Thanks! can't wait for the next updateee!!!