Jesse's Girl

Jesse's Girl

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Lexi Lowe By roadkilllowe47 Completed


Friends, co- captains, roommates. Beca and Chloe have been all of these, but could they be more? 

Chloe has known for years that she is bisexual, but she didn't know that she'd fall in love with her best friend. 

 She has spent years watching Beca get close and cuddly with her boyfriend, Jesse. She's witnessed their first 'I love you's', heard all about their first time being intimate, and had always been there to pick up the pieces after every fight. 

Year after year Chloe has been there for Beca, day after day she has fallen impossibly more in love with her but she was never brave enough to admit it. 

Then one day, out of no where, Jesse puts a ring on it, leaving Chloe in a pickle. Its either tell Beca and risk rejection or keep it to herself and risk her.

What will Chloe do?

M chapters will be marked. Younger viewers, you have been warned. Proceed with caution.

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EdeleMitchellBeale EdeleMitchellBeale Jan 15, 2016
Lol that was a really good first time chapter;) keep up the good work
belieber96_7 belieber96_7 Sep 06, 2015
Enough reason to use the word penetrate. dammit! this kind of is a 50 shades of bechloe,isn't it? good Job!
ilovemyminihorse ilovemyminihorse Aug 19, 2015
I also am a hardcore Jeca shipper so your writing makes my bad like 100x better
50ShadesofPP 50ShadesofPP Jul 18, 2015
Hot! You're doing an amazing job so far. I can't imagine how you feel writing for another fandom. Kudos to you. Keep up the good work.
                              Can't wait for more. :)
annakenrick47 annakenrick47 Jul 17, 2015
I'm such hardcore bechloe shipper and this is such a hot start....I love it. I'll read some of the Jeca stories you've written. :)
- - Jul 17, 2015
You're doing a good job writing this! And same I ship Jeca hardcore but no ones been updating their Jeca stories so I've moved to bechloe.