Tangled Sheets ↣ lashton

Tangled Sheets ↣ lashton

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Sharon By Princessofmuke Completed

Ashton isn't your ordinary 16 year old high school boy,he's on the edge of breaking down and it won't be pretty. Caught up between the non stop bullying,anxiety and fighting parents Ashton struggles to breath.

But one night changes his life forever , the one night his only 'friend' Michael invited him to a party.

"it was a mistake but why is he captivating my mind?"

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can we not discuss if this is legal or not and just appreciate 16 year-old Ashton?
Shi if my friends Tristan started something like that I would take him the hell down by myself
U guys remember when Calum and Luke were reading comments. And Calum was like
                              "Why is Ashton so...Gay?" 
                              And Luke choked on his cereal lol good times man
Omg everyone keeps having Luke top like he can't even top his own mattress like tf😂
mKay, now that I've just completely embarrassed myself & probs pissed everyone off...Imma continue reading this book. Once again, I apologise 😘
I feel like everyone is watching me and judging and I start crying so I have to be holding someone hand to calm myself down. I take medication for it now because I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.