Partners in Crime! (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Fanfic)

Partners in Crime! (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Fanfic)

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She's pretty, she's smart, she seemed perfect on the outside. But behind her usual bright smile is a bitchy personality. She wasn't able to enjoy her childhood due to certain circumstances, but upon transferring to Kunugigaoka Junior High, she met her match. Somehow because of this, she became a part of 3-E as in 'End' Class. 

"Why don't we kill him together?"

I loooooved the trailer!It's very good and interesting. I think I will love the story too!^-^
Damn. That was cool!! Does anyone know what the song is called?
My mother tongue is English and French I spoke both of French and engulish my mom sad my first sentence was can je suis manger MY food please
AkaneShiro AkaneShiro Aug 17
Amazing trailer! And question! From whixh anime is the girl ?-?
CoFFeeBeaN28 CoFFeeBeaN28 Nov 30, 2015
Ang ganda ng trailer!! Pano mo nagawa?! Ang astig eh, ung timing ng show, tapos ung kanta!! Match talaga sya eh..hahaha nag tagalog na ko. Galing mo naman Miyu!!
Luckybell Luckybell Aug 21, 2015
Isn't the female oc you're using shokuhou from toaru kagaku no railgun? The Queen or number 5 whatever her nickname is...