Run {Harry Styles AU} COMPLETED

Run {Harry Styles AU} COMPLETED

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XxAlivexX By XxAlivexX Completed

"Run, Rosalie, run," his deep voice sung, almost like a sick nursery rhyme.

His words swirled around me, each syllable like a needle stabbing into my skin. I knew he was trying to torment me, but all I wanted to do was get away from him.

I kept running, the muscles in my legs burning furiously, but I dared stop in case I was caught.

"Everything you're running from, girl, is still in your head."

I scrunched my face up, trying my hardest to ignore his words as I sped away from him. But I knew he was right. Even if I out ran him, his presence was still in my mind, slowly turning me insane. I heard his bellowing laugh behind me as cold hands gripped my waist from behind, sharp fingernails piercing into my skin.

"Running from your problems is a race you'll never win," he whispered, his hot breath burning my ear. "I'll always beat you."

And he was right.

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meghan_stylik meghan_stylik Sep 20, 2016
Me responding to responsibilities,school,deadlines and sleep
XoMeganStyles1D XoMeganStyles1D Aug 03, 2016
I suck at being more descriptive in my books.. But your pretty good at it! 😃
blueishme blueishme Jul 11, 2015
Somehow I felt every word of what I read...its a weird feeling!