Living with the Pervert

Living with the Pervert

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Broken_romance By Broken_romance Updated Jan 19, 2015

Chapter One Edited!

Cordelia's POV

"You mean to tell me we're moving into your best friends house for no reason?" I yell at my mother.

"It isn't for no reason Cordelia, I'm tight on money right now and my friend Sloane and her son are letting us stay with them for a little."

"Oh so you tell me a week in advanced! Real nice mom!"

I run upstairs to my bedroom dodging all of the newly placed boxes all around my house. I know I shouldn't be mad at my mom for not having a lot of money right now, but she could've at least talked to me about it first. I would have offered to get a job or something to help out!

I grab my phone that was lying on my night stand charging and text my best friend, Kat.

Elia:Moving into my mom's best friend Sloane's house. Ugh!

Kat:Aw it can't be too bad.

Elia:Yeah whatever. I'm going to get ready for bed ttyl.

I grab some fuzzy shorts, a tank top, and some underwear then walk over to my bathroom to shower.I wasn't ugly but I wasn't gorgeous either. I have...

ODreamingO ODreamingO Nov 07, 2017
Don’t introduce the character so suddenly. Try slipping in little bits and pieces of their traits throughout the first few chapters.
i already like the main character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheSupernaturalDork TheSupernaturalDork Aug 07, 2017
I read that wrong, I thought it said "I am on my period" wtf is wrong with my eyes?
notnowjulius notnowjulius Aug 10, 2017
Wow I love this story, if you see this comment could you please check out my story New Beginnings?
Craving_5sos Craving_5sos Aug 11, 2017
Ok, am I the only one concerned about the fact she had her hair tied up in a rubber band? Like love the book but I couldn't do that  to my hair
xRoseymasterx xRoseymasterx Aug 29, 2017
Omg, at first I was sooooo HAPPY that she didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes but then you come and hit me with the "pink full lips" 😑