im not a sket

im not a sket

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stardust By stardust Updated Mar 24, 2009

*My name is Chantel- I grew up with sketz.*

Chapter One

It was the first day of the Easter holidays and I was bored as hell. 

2 weeks off and I had nothing to do at all. At times like this MSN was the only thing that could entertain me. I signed on.

'Wagwarn Rayanne?'

'Nothing You Know, I'm so bored.'

'Same here. I wanna go out or something, it's to hot to be staying inside all day.'

'Alie... I might as well come and knock for you then.'

'Yea let me go get ready.'

'Alright. I'll bell you when I'm at your door the init.'

 'Yea yea, see you later. Mwah xxx'

'Bless x x.'  she signed offline.

There really wasn't anyone one else online that was interested me at the moment and besides I needed to get ready to meet Rayanne anyway so I turned off my computer.

I normally take ages getting ready but I had showered already and I wasn't planning on fussing over my hair. I went to go turn on my stereo but something stopped me. My phone was vibrating, Samantha was calling me.

'What's g...

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scaredoflonely scaredoflonely May 03, 2010
dis stori is on facebook
                              wid all da new chapz 
                              jus typ 
                              im not a sket facebook 
                              in2 google den clic on chantels stori
shanahi shanahi Jan 17, 2010
This story camee HARDD !
                              write more pleaseee .
                              and finish ennnvy and an unwanted love pls , :)
                              Peace &+ Love xx
ayanaah ayanaah Jan 11, 2010
omgg im beggin for part two ur a geeh writer and i need to know what is going to happen next
Saineybelle Saineybelle Aug 31, 2009
wen u gnnah giv part 2 i lurv diz storri esspecially ramal hiz a jka