One Night

One Night

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Body Talking 

 I don't know his name is all I kept thinking as he sucked on my breasts and squeezed them softly then hard. "Ohhhhhh oh oh hisssss" I moaned "relax relax i will let you have it soon " this unknown gentleman told me I had no clothes on but he did I jumped feeling him use my own hand to pleasure me. " what's ya name baby tell me" he said adding another finger inside of me " mmmm Naomi " I couldn't fathom how he had me moaning my own name and making myself cum.

"Naomi that's it baby arch your back " he said attacking my lips I locked my tighes around his neck he had me shivering. "Tell me.... Your name please" I screamed holding the back of his head tight his tongue was magical. "Hmmm shi- t" my legs were soaking wet with my juices him inside was all I needed. He dropped his fitted jeans show casing his thick well endowed manhood with pre cum on the tip he started to open a condom I snatched it from him. " you want it raw? You sure" he said climbing on top of me....

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MissEvelynRose MissEvelynRose Jan 02, 2015
Wow... It was really really intense. I love it, great start.
- - Nov 24, 2014
girl like they don't already know it.......and tah I beg to differ
- - Nov 24, 2014
JESSICA......Your freak is showing!  Lol but I love this boo definitely different and interesting. Micah a freak tho and who his connect to be getting Naomi info like that?!?!
- - Nov 23, 2014
Well damn Jess that was pretty freaken intense!! I love it boo.