Death's angel

Death's angel

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eterna321 By eterna321 Updated Jul 13, 2015

ANBU are an elite group of ninja's that only take orders from the 'kage'. They perform high ranking missions such as assassination and torture.
Uzumaki Naruto, is the most elite ANBU in history and is considered a prodigy greater than that of Uchiha Itachi. He was given the name 'Death's Angel' at the age of 5; he was given the nickname because he has given so many souls to death but still is untainted and pure like an angel. 

But one night, something inside Naruto snapped. He went a rampage and almost destroyed Konoha. After being restrained he was kept imprisoned in Konoha's deepest dungeon. The next day, when the Hokage came to check on him, he was gone. And nobody saw him again.

14 years later. Uchiha Sasuke was given a high ranking mission. That mission was to search and bring back the legendary 'Death's Angel'.
Will he succeed? Or will his failure cost him his life?

(Credit to @The_NYX for the cover)

*i do not own any Naruto characters except the ones I made up.*

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