For Her Honor

For Her Honor

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Carebear! By The_Queen_97 Completed

When your father is the proud owner of a multimillion dollar company, there isn't much to worry about. For Harmony Croft, life was perfect; parties, boys, and riches beyond belief. 

However, even princesses have enemies. 

After almost getting kidnapped, Harmony's life is thrown into chaos. Now, the only way to survive is to rely on an organization of bodyguards founded by her father the very day she was born seventeen year ago, solely to protect her. 

But will Harmony be able to deal with Marco, the dark and mysterious assassin who's in charge of her protection? He's of course the most arrogant and frustrating boy she's ever met but her attitude matches his in ways Marco never thought possible. Her past is filled with dollar signs and shopping sprees, his past is filled with blood, scars, and death. They're from two very different worlds, but what happens when worlds collide?

Will these two be able to put aside their difference in time to discover who is truly after Harmony, or will Marco end up sacrificing himself to protect her honor?

 - © 2014

I've decided to give this one a shot, as long  as she isn't really stuck up I think I'll really like this book
ViennaXo ViennaXo 3 days ago
This is what I do to my niece when she won't shut up in the car or at the dinner table😂
Also stop are guys really into that stuff also get that man a fidgit spinner
OMG Spongebob you're supposed to be taken pictures with Pearl
Being completely honest this is the first time I've read that someone was skinny instead of curvy  in years and it's refreshing