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Playing love games (boyxboy)

Playing love games (boyxboy)

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kenna By kennabug66 Completed

"Hey let's make a bet." My best friend Richy said. "Who ever losses has to ask out and date the f*ggot until he breaks up with you or for 6 months. Which ever one happens first." 

"You're on." I lost. Me. Jake Richards lost and now has to ask out the school f*g.
Damon Simmons is a gay boy but hid his secret from his father who is a big homophobe. The day his mom left was the day two major things happened. His dad started abusing him and Jake Richards asked him on a date. 
Things get weird for both of them but Damon gets suspicious after some things Jake does. But as always Jake finds ways to convince Damon differently. 
Will Jake eventually like Damon or will Damon find out sooner about the bet and break it off completely with Jake? 
This is a boyxboy as in boy to boy kissing and hugging and stuff. If you are against gays or do not like gays... DO NOT READ!

Wasn't that dude in Glee (idk for sure cause I've only seen a few episodes)
XD I always laugh at the "manly hugs" like, *SLAPS HAND ON BACK HARD* Bye bro*HITS THE OTHER IN THE GUTS* Yeah bye bro
Hi, I am an emo, I have never cut nor have I ever thought of suicide
LilMissMadHatter LilMissMadHatter Aug 10, 2016
One day , I will make a liquid that forces boys to like boys and hate the thought having sex with a girl
After I remembered where it was from I just started singing the song.
MissJacksonkma MissJacksonkma Nov 06, 2016
                              HE WILL HAVE TEH BUTT SECKS WITH DAMON
                              BECAUSE I SAID SO!