The Game (Moriarty x Reader)

The Game (Moriarty x Reader)

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Ashlyn🌻🌼🍁 By autumnniite Updated Jan 09

Moriarty, James: A sadistic psychopath

Holmes, Sherlock: An emotionless "high-functioning" sociopath.

Both, have something in common; You.

You're in the middle of a war for some strange reason. You're not special, you're just stuck.

Ayy im also in the process of rewriting so hang in there, sorry.

It's funny because it says Jimmy and Moriary is a Math Professor.
I'll be fine. It's all fine. I'm not dying. I promise. It's all ok.
-JustBlank- -JustBlank- Feb 19
Most commenters: Batman
                              Me: 2012 Aurora shooting
                              Well this is a clear sign I've spend too much time on the internet looking up criminals.
YourDarkBloodAngel YourDarkBloodAngel Jun 30, 2016
The Phantom of the Opera! Killed my/our/your/his/her parents!😭 Why Erik why?!
OtherIllusions OtherIllusions May 05, 2016
Well this story is obviously going to be perfect since the character portraying me literally is me
Gem_Is_Batched Gem_Is_Batched Oct 15, 2016
Plot twist: this is basically me at my stupid cousin named Phillip.