Arranged Fate |Touken Fanfic AU|

Arranged Fate |Touken Fanfic AU|

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LeopardFlame1009 By LeopardFlame1009 Updated Apr 27, 2015

In this world, of kingdoms and knights, princes and princesses, kings and queens, there was a divide between all of the kingdoms. Waging war against each other every few months was never uncommon as both humans and ghouls took up a quinque or a kagune to fight their rivaling wards. Many humans lived in the poor villages surrounding the large castles while the few ghouls around were of royalty and were to be respected. Each of these kingdoms owned 100 square miles around their large walled in homes that could be at risk every day by a large central kingdom that made it their job to exterminate all ghouls from their thrones.

The ghouls had set up a fair systems for the humans and promised to never prey on the innocent and those who end up in jails due to both major and minor crimes were usually consumed. 

But that is just a backstory to the royalty we will be focusing on today, tomorrow and years ahead.


As Touka's dark silken hair was yanked into a heated iron curler by one of ...