Anna Black, The Girl Who Lived. Book 4 (to be edited)

Anna Black, The Girl Who Lived. Book 4 (to be edited)

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Like always, please turn away from this if you haven't read the previous books!

Since Harry and Anna had gone to Hogwarts, it's been crazy. From the sorcerer's stone to the chamber, and then the prisoner, Harry and Anna have stuck together through it all, but will that all change? Will what's coming be too much? Read to find out!

(Editing will hopefully take place soon. I'm truly sorry for all of the mistakes!)
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, Her Highness JK Rowling does. I only own any characters/events that aren't in the original Harry Potter books or movies!

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sam_potter sam_potter May 23
Fred, tonks. Remus dobby Sirius colin padma lavender....... sorry anna 😭😭😭
Anybody else think of Deathly Hallows part 1 when Harry and Ginny are snogging and George says Morning
Yeah accept you don't sleep you stay up all night with your boyfriend chocolate
She should've​ been like, "Hey you wanna know something? My dad's a mass murderer so if you mess with me, you're toast, okay?
ClarPotter ClarPotter Jun 16
I literally just hugged my phone. That's the most saddest thing I have ever done