The Third Son

The Third Son

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After attending the college of medicine, Roslind McMillan left the city for the rural Greystone Abbey, practicing as a doctor while working to become a Vanaian priest. Now, only a few weeks before he's ordained as a priest of the Third Son of God, he's more than ready to leave. That is until a half-dead demon-blooded man collapses at the abbey's front door. 

This man turns out to be Malory Monteparsse, an infamous preacher known for his radical separation from the church. Brutally attacked and seeking political asylum, Monteparsse should not only represent the antithesis of everything Roslind believes, but a clear danger as well. 

Yet, tasked with keeping Monteparsse alive, Roslind soon realizes that he isn't the villain the Church would have him believe, but a man educated in philosophy, theology, and, most importantly, magic. As Roslind's genuine concern for Monteparsse turns into something more, he stumbles into a fight for innocent lives, freedom, and justice that challenges the very core of his beliefs. 

Cover by @forcade

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-lovely -lovely May 21
Dang. I can already tell this is gonna be good. Your writing sets the scene really well, I can totally see it in my head
allthespice allthespice Sep 27
This is already love. I can tell I'm going to love this and your writing style. ❤❤❤
Forcade Forcade Jan 30, 2016
im gonna read this! I read the 1st paragraph only..going to put it in my wattpad app right now >=D 
                              -to be continued-
JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta Aug 12, 2016
No offense but why do i imagine this line to be read in an Indian accent? 😂😂
putridmemoirs putridmemoirs Feb 15, 2016
Now I shall re-read this and get my fill again. Great job writing this novel. It certainly was impeccable writing, wonderful concept too.
                              I shall redeem myself and start to vote and read online.
JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta Aug 12, 2016
When i read "Mc-" the first word i thought was "McDonald's" 😂😂😐