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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

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Angel By StraNgeloveXoXo Completed

Slenderman~ Your feet pounded on the Earth, your legs were taking you as far as they could. You ran deeper and deeper in the woods before reaching the tall willow tree. You looked behind you, panting, making sure your father wasn't close. You touched your face with a shaking hand, feeling the swelling bruises. This happened all the time, your father would hit you then you would flee to the woods, you always came back to the house late at night, seeing him passed out on the couch with alcohol on his breath. Your knees buckled making you slid down the tree and sit on the Earth's ground. You pulled a handheld mirror out of your pocket and looked at the purple and yellow bruises that covered your face. You let out a long sigh "This is gonna be hard to cover up." You muttered to yourself. "I would have to agree." a deep disembodied voice said. You looked up and saw a tall man in a suit, his face missing. You gasped, arising from the ground. "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." the man plead...

Heh heh😊
                              Thanks EJ but I'm not pretty I'm a burnt chicken nugget
"Making my way downtown...." *sees Toby* "Wassup dude? You gonna share?"
I love Liu, I love his pasta, but, I am having so much trouble finding Sullys pasta (if he has one...)  I've listened to Liu's before, but it had no mention of Sully. Does anybody know we're I can find one that does?
If u call me a hoe, I swear you'll be the one on the ground broski
CJcountdown CJcountdown Jun 07
i feel like i wouldn't be this calm with being stuck in a video game and some random boy calling me babygirl you feel me
Do you like pancakes? 
                              Me: Yeah i like pancakes
                              Do you like Waffles? 
                              Me:Yeah i like waffles
                              Do you like French toast? 
                              Me:Yeah i like french toast! 
                              *Song continues