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The Legend Of The Rinnegan- Book One (Naruto Fanfic)

The Legend Of The Rinnegan- Book One (Naruto Fanfic)

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Saki (Main) and others By __Kitty_ Updated Sep 07, 2016

People thinked that the only person who has awakened the most powerful kekei kenkai, the rinngan, is Nagato Uzumaki from the village hidden in the rain. Also known as, Pein from the Akatsuki, but what if that was all a lie. And there was another person who possessed the rinnegan. Will everyone be after this person to use its power for their own selfish needs?? How will everyone in the shinobi world react?? 

(I do not own Naruto, except for my own characters in the story. Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto and its characters that appears in the anime.)

Elilin04 Elilin04 Aug 24, 2016
When I read Yuki I started thinking about Yuno Gasai from mirai nikki
TheEvilWithin12 TheEvilWithin12 Nov 16, 2016
No explanation as to how she has it?
                              Or how she awakened it?
                              Or how she has enough chakra to use it?
- - Nov 23, 2014
(( So many feels in the first chapter ;-; ....great start Kayla. \(O^O) ))