Ciel and Sebastian  x reader

Ciel and Sebastian x reader

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A story where you're fought over by Ciel and Sebastian. In the end, the story splits and you must choose who to go with, Ceil or Sebastian? I finally, after 13k reads, changed the {Insert Name}s to {Y/N}, so I hope that makes you guys happy.

This was a joke fic that I only finished for my friend, so yes, it does escalate quickly. I get it

 I hate this story

thelevi27 thelevi27 Jul 14
Ciel: *leans in*
                              Me: *sings oh hell naw* hell naw to the naw naw naw
ah yes whoever screaming thank you for saving me! FROM THIS TINY SHOUTA BOO
http-Kobayashi http-Kobayashi Dec 12, 2016
We may be too pretty for Ciel, he's going for the pants. XDD
_-Lucifer-_ _-Lucifer-_ Nov 26, 2016
Woah back up bro calm yourself, don't need you come trying to jump into my pants.... Yet....
Symmeta Symmeta Oct 15, 2016
Roses are red,
                              Thorns are prickly,
                              All I have to say is,
                              That escalated quickly!
Some_Nerdy_Girl Some_Nerdy_Girl Dec 30, 2016
Every Ciel Fangirl: OH MY GOD! SENPAI, COME BACK!!!!!111!!!1
                              Me: .-. Well that just happened...