Ciel and Sebastian  x reader

Ciel and Sebastian x reader

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Hedgehags By Hedgehags Completed

A story where you're fought over by Ciel and Sebastian. In the end, the story splits and you must choose who to go with, Ceil or Sebastian? I finally, after 13k reads, changed the {Insert Name}s to {Y/N}, so I hope that makes you guys happy.

This was a joke fic that I only finished for my friend, so yes, it does escalate quickly. I get it

 I hate this story

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Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly
                              Jesus Christ 
                              This escalated quickly
thelevi27 thelevi27 Jul 14
Ciel: *leans in*
                              Me: *sings oh hell naw* hell naw to the naw naw naw
ah yes whoever screaming thank you for saving me! FROM THIS TINY SHOUTA BOO
-arrowss -arrowss Dec 12, 2016
We may be too pretty for Ciel, he's going for the pants. XDD
_-Lucifer-_ _-Lucifer-_ Nov 26, 2016
Woah back up bro calm yourself, don't need you come trying to jump into my pants.... Yet....
Some_Nerdy_Girl Some_Nerdy_Girl Dec 30, 2016
Every Ciel Fangirl: OH MY GOD! SENPAI, COME BACK!!!!!111!!!1
                              Me: .-. Well that just happened...