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Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend Scenarios

Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend Scenarios

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VampBecca By VampBecca Updated Jan 19, 2015

[Yu-Gi-Oh] [Various! x Reader] [All Seasons] Enjoy! I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any characters. [Requests are CLOSED, only reader inserts] [e/c, eye color] [___ or [Y/N], your name] [h/c, hair color] [s/c, skin color] [w/h, writing hand] [w/s, work or school]

Yamithedarkmage Yamithedarkmage Aug 13, 2016
I feel seto should be yelling WHAT DO YOU WANT at reader-chan and reader-chan should be saying ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE
Blackriser Blackriser Mar 01, 2016
SUDDEN but sweet it's kinda like my life story except with only friend romance and I haven't cut myself..... Yet
Gunz4dayz Gunz4dayz May 31, 2016
Joey please take away my misery of homework and chores! *Joey comes and kisses me* Joey: their ur misery is now gone! *me blushing like crazy!* "T-thanks J-Joey."
PercyJackson2546 PercyJackson2546 May 07, 2016
Is anyone else here confused about what "____" was for or was? If you know what it was for or was please tell me. But I do have some ideas in mind...
KrampusTheLlama KrampusTheLlama Oct 25, 2015
Is it bad that when I saw the title my mind went "IM SINGING IN THE RAIN!!!"