Beyond The Walls | AOT Boys x Reader

Beyond The Walls | AOT Boys x Reader

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Eiri By eirischion Updated Dec 07, 2015

Joining the 105th Trainees Squad, and hailing all the way from the much despised inner walls of Sina, (F/n) (L/n) already had enough to deal with, what with two best friends and a dream to fulfill, judgmental stares, rigorous training, and the ever so present threat of the titans threading the outside world. Throw in a little romance, one corporal, and six boys into the mixture, and there we go.

Good luck with your life, cadet.

An AOT Boys x Reader story.

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FandomFreakXx FandomFreakXx Nov 10, 2017
So i kinda took a year+ off reading fanfictions because i got sucked into the kpop fandom so imma read this story to try and get back into the anime fandom :D
Zexialyn Zexialyn May 30, 2017
XinOnline XinOnline Jun 17, 2016
This is probably one of the best fanfics ever.
                              Like wth everyond should  be reading this!!!! All the feels man. All the feels.
INoOneHereI INoOneHereI Jul 10, 2016
Cant wait till you finish all the endings so i can read them all.❤
zerkiryuismybae zerkiryuismybae Dec 15, 2016
Isnt jean going to be a love interest and what about marco please put them too