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Miss Us, Fairy Tail? (A NaLu, GrUvia, GaLe, RoWen Fanfic)

Miss Us, Fairy Tail? (A NaLu, GrUvia, GaLe, RoWen Fanfic)

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Panda_and_NaLu_lover By pandanalusan Updated Jul 19, 2015

Lisanna has been back for the past few weeks. Lucy, Wendy, Gajeel, Juvia, Carla, and Pantherlily have all been ignored, except to each other. Lisanna didn't ignore them. She was great friends with Lucy, Wendy, and Juvia in Edolas. She befriends the two new exceeds and Gajeel, since they were ignored. Mira and Erza were smart enough not to forget them. Everyone else, either mean to them, always on jobs, or just ignored them plainly. And they just can't take it anymore! They decide to leave Fairy Tail, they still are a member just leaving, and prove them, they shouldn't be forgotten. When they finally come back after 3 years, guild members have forgotten them still. Only Erza, Mira, Master, Happy, Romeo, Lisanna and Elfman never forgot. When they reveal their identities, people realized they have been gone, and they now miss them. Natsu, Gray, Romeo, and Levy now realize there feelings for them, but Lucy, Wendy, and Juvia, don't love them anymore, only Gajeel. Will they love them again? Or hate them forever?

Alamatrix Alamatrix Jul 03, 2016
The logic of the people who joined after Lisanna died leave is actually really perfect! Great plot!!
KimmyGalaxy KimmyGalaxy Aug 30, 2016
Okay, I am now wondering if there is a Lector X Carla/Charle X Happy cuz in that episode 202 ( I think ) Happy said he felt like he was in a love triangle!
AnimeSavage AnimeSavage Jun 09, 2016
Rawr. *Scares Wendy* Wendy: AHH! Carla: Don't scare her child! Do I have to say all my Wendy rules for you again? 
                              Me: Nuu! DUN LECTURE MAH AGAIN! 😫
Nightfox102 Nightfox102 Jul 28, 2016
                              Tadoshi:*holds me in his arms as I move around like a lemur near sushi* CALM DOWN
                              me:*breaks through* TIME DEMOND SLAYER SECRET ART: WARP WING OF THE STARS!
                              Tadoshi:wear did you send him.
                              Tadoshi:you know he'll get squashed 
LiteralOtakuTrash LiteralOtakuTrash Jun 28, 2016
Dragon Slayer Magic can't help you now, buddy!!!! Lemme at em, Laxus!!!
SaiSai228 SaiSai228 Jan 03
Even gageel shoking , i think it is better if it is levy not gageel