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Dangerously Hot

Dangerously Hot

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Mickey Restless By RickyRestless Completed

Stephen is a hard working person and very secretive. He doesn't let just anybody know his secrets and worries. Like how he has to take care of his sister and give her whatever she wants as long as he can pay for it. Money is the biggest problem in Stephen's house since both of his parent's are jobless and don't worry about anything but themselves. Life is anything but easy for him.

Jackson is a rich werewolf that just moved into the city four months ago to see if he could find his mate. Already in his 20's he wants to find him soon so he doesn't become depressed. He also isn't your typical rich guy, he owns a gang that constantly attacks place's like restaurants or malls.

Most people in there little neighborhood wonder why their are attacks in the little town. Stephen is one of them but only when he gets attacked by the gang themselves. 

What happens when one night they decide to attack Stephen's job and take him as the hostage?

Y'all are just butthurt cause you like to take the easy path and go  I have depression, I'm being oppressed , I have it worse than you cause I'm gay, or white supremacy is and I'm being belittled. Y'all can shut up. I'm sick and tired of it 😂
foxyapples foxyapples Dec 31, 2016
"Yup. That's me. Now, you're wondering how did I even get in this situation. Well, it all started when,,,"
frostcure frostcure Dec 14, 2016
Most people would think that's dramatic, but i feel that way about my children. There ARE people that you can't live without.
tehya96 tehya96 Nov 09, 2016
OMG I though I was the only one that did that😂😂😂😂
noonnononononoo y'all better not die or I will shoot this freaking killer guy...
                              wow im so hypocritic
tehya96 tehya96 Nov 09, 2016
Why wouldn't you adopt her after you report them to social services, cause I think some colleges give you bigger dorms if you have a kid