Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back  (Party Poison)

Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back (Party Poison)

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CloudsforCover By CloudsforCover Updated Feb 05

The day that Toxic Gunner escaped Battery City, was the very day that she ran away from everything -and everyone-  she knew. She traveled the Zones in search of a new life, one where she wouldn't have the constant threat of her murderous and unrelenting father wanting to find and drag her back to Battery City, and instead found herself coming face to face with the four notoriously dangerous (and strange) Killjoys.

Can Toxic Gunner keep her fathers identity a secret from her newly found friends? Can romance occur during a revolution? Read on to find out.


ScarySkellingtons ScarySkellingtons Jul 12, 2016
You know the fandom has taken over your life when you see these three words and think of Supernatural...
Bug347 Bug347 Sep 14, 2016
Honestly I haven't gotten over Fred Weasley's death either
                              But who has tbh
DeanIsAShadowhunter DeanIsAShadowhunter Oct 27, 2016
The more you explain Felix the more he sounds like PewDiePie
earlydunsets earlydunsets Jun 19, 2016
buIIetsgee buIIetsgee Jan 18
I've read them and i own it so if u ever need me to check something just message me I'd love to help :)
devilboxx devilboxx Feb 08
I just got them from my cousin last week so I spent the weekend reading them. I've read them all.