Sophia Toretto (Fast and Furious Fanfic)

Sophia Toretto (Fast and Furious Fanfic)

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Sophia Toretto.

At the age of two  she was taken away from her parents, Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz.
Born when Letty was only sixteen and Dominic was eighteen, she was the angel of the family until Dominic's father died and they need to give her in a orphanage after that the Toretto family never heard of her again.

Until a girl named Olivia Shaw came into the picture.

Olivia Shaw

Daughter of Owen Shaw and his late wife Claire. She said that she had a perfect life, a life that was taken away from her. No one from her family told her the biggest secret of her life, a secret that never did she imagined. She was adopted. 

What if many years later Dominic Toretto found out that her daughter is still alive and that there is a possibility that somehow she ended up with one of his biggest enemies? And how would Olivia take this?

(Set in Fast 6) BOOK ONE

literallyabitch literallyabitch May 30, 2015
it's weird using taylor swift bc she looks nothing like dom or letty. Should've used someone who actually has a resemblance
Wayward_Son_1967 Wayward_Son_1967 May 07, 2015
Omg I absolutely loved this scene When I read this I read it in their voices too