Being Catgirl (A Young Justice fanfic)

Being Catgirl (A Young Justice fanfic)

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dumb_smart_blonde By dumb_smart_blonde Completed

Just going to inform you that I am rereading this to get rid of as many grammatical errors as possible and that I'm also going through and fixing up the story line and stuff but I do hope you enjoy it. 

This is a story of a girl being left to die but is save by a young woman, that young woman is Cat Woman. Years later the girl has grown and developed skills so she can protect herself, she joins a group of young heroes to fight crime in covert missions. But in the team she catches the eye of a curious bird. Follow her in her story of love and protecting the ones she loves, but can she

This is set in the first season I don't own young justice I only own the characters and plot I create in this story 
I hope you like it

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Taalina Taalina May 10, 2016
This is a good story, the first thing I Noticed was you break the fourth wall right off the bat (pun intended) the character talks to the reader. The other thing I noticed was 'I felt so same around Selena' is that suppose to be sane because that makes more sense that same, 
                              Stay Whelmed :)
ella40462 ella40462 Mar 05, 2016
Okay Serious question here, I know bats has a little crush on carry woman but letting her sidekick (who us a villain) join a team of hero's isn't the brightest move he ever made. And her letting her evil sidekick join the sidekicks of the people she's been fighting for years isn't her smartest move
Bluepancakes17 Bluepancakes17 Mar 08, 2016
* Next morning Robin sees Batgirl
                              Robin: Hey cat are you're legs tired, 'cause you've been running through my mind all night. *winks*
                              Catgirl: *kicks Robins ass*
dumb_smart_blonde dumb_smart_blonde Mar 07, 2016
Fair point @ella40462
                              This was one of my first books tough and I didn't really put much thought into the plot and backstories as you noticed
                              I'm just doing it for the fun of it
Bluepancakes17 Bluepancakes17 Mar 08, 2016
Why are characters always blonde? I'm not trying to discriminate blondes, but every time I read a book the main character is almost always blonde. Like what do people have against brunettes, and gingers?