A Queen with an heir. A King left to grieve. A girl who knows only how to flee.
@VividlyInspired So long as you never stopped writing, it should have. "We are all apprentices in a profession in which no one becomes a master."
Ahh! The adverbs! You need to do some serious chopping. For the first line, you could replace "he said charmingly" with "he said with a charming smile." Same meaning, but more elegant and far less choppy.
I have finishing reading this book and I loved...it really good
@VividlyInspired Haha yeah, I remember you said...but I think that your next event would be a little trickier if the queen lived, even though it's sad she doesn't. Morton's evil schemes wouldn't have worked so well :P
My original comment vanished... Anyhow, I remember being rather mad at you about the end of this :P And re-reading it, I don't like Morton any better than I did the first time.
I like this! It's sad about the Queen though. Please continue!