Silent...(Harry Potter Love Story)

Silent...(Harry Potter Love Story)

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The lonely girl hands Harry a notebook and he reads the little note that says her name

Dawn Michealson

"Dawn, Pretty name." said Harry, smiling to the young girl, she didn't look up just reading her book.
Hermione crouched down to the girl, looking slightly worried, "Dawn, are you okay?" asked Hermione worriedly. Dawn looked up and puts her book beside her, sighing deeply, and did movement with her hands.
"What's she doing?" asked Ron seeing his two friends eyes widen.
"Oh my..." whispered Hermione.
"What!?" said Ron.
"Oh my god...she's silent..." Harry muttered.

Dawn isn't deft, she doesn't speak, since she was three.
It's Fifth Year for the Golden Trio and they find a new girl to join the group named Dawn Michealson that is mute and only speaks through sign languid and she expects, once again, to never speak again until she meets a certain hero that'll make her feelings grow in a way she never knew they could.

His name...

Harry James Potter


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merderer1 merderer1 Feb 06, 2017
FINALY A BOOK TGAT HAS HARRY POTTR AND SIGN LANGUAGE FINALY my parents are deft so it's meh first language
1147OnePiece 1147OnePiece Mar 17, 2015
I think this is good so far, but there are a lot more And's then needed :)
JadePotter_1 JadePotter_1 Mar 11, 2015
Harry Potter theme song time guys, join in :D
                              There once was a boy names har-ry
teenagevans teenagevans Mar 08, 2015
I love your story but one quick thing they didn't use pens they used quills but other than that it was amazing love it :)
taylo9399 taylo9399 Mar 06, 2015
This is my reaction
                              *starts screaming like a total fangirl!*
ImOnTeamMalfoy ImOnTeamMalfoy Nov 29, 2014
Love the idea and the premise of this story! I would just like to add that if you had someone to proofread your chapters that would help a lot! When you write the chapters just read them aloud and fix what sounds off to you! 
                              This story is quite lovely! Keep it up!