My Alpha

My Alpha

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Sarah By Oreocookie333 Updated Aug 16

Our eyes meet and it feels as if the world around us has faded away. All I can see are his beautiful eyes that completely pull me in and make me forget everything else. Something in me pulls me towards him, but I fight it this time. Those eyes are so familiar to me and I feel my heart start pounding violently in my chest.

It can't be him. There is no way it's him. He's just in my imagination. He's only in my dreams.

I hear my mom call my name so I tear my eyes away from this beautiful stranger. A part of me protests my actions but I ignore it.

"We're leaving now, honey. Did you make sure to grab everything you need?" I nod my head mutely and put the pack of assorted chocolate candies in the shopping cart.

"This is everything," I whisper, my throat feeling constricted. My mom nods before telling me to wait for her as she checks out. I take in deep breaths, but it still feels like something is blocking my throat.

I glance back at him one more time and see that he's still staring at me with his intense eyes. This time when I take in a deep breath, it works. I feel like I have never been able to breath better.

I swallow nervously before I quickly turn around and follow my mom to the check out lanes. I can still feel his stare against my back so I walk faster.

"Oh honey I was just coming to get you, we're done here," my mom says. I nod and we start walking towards the exit. I take a peek at him, but i make sure I don't stare into his mesmerizing eyes. I force myself to continue following my mom and I force myself to look away again.

I hate shopping for clothes cuz you have to go try shįt on which means taking your clothes off then putting different clothes off then taking those clothes of and put more damn clothes on and when your done you have to put your clothes on and that's just too much damn work
Ew. Skipping.
                              Oh and smart, taking a walk in the middle of the night...
Rereading this book for what feels like the millionth time before remembering it's nawt finished. I cri.
EdoEclipse EdoEclipse Jul 24
Whelp I'm nearly 18 and I stand at a staggering, ginormous height! ... of 4'11"
I read "group of 3 boys" and whispered "HERE IT COMES BÏTCHES"😂👌
speedywil1 speedywil1 Aug 24
I live in Texas where the heat is the worse but I still wear hoodies. The heat or the cold doesn't bother me.