My Alpha

My Alpha

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Sarah By Oreocookie333 Updated May 17

Our eyes meet and it feels as if the world around us has faded away. All I can see are his beautiful eyes that completely pull me in and make me forget everything else. Something in me pulls me towards him, but I fight it this time. Those eyes are so familiar to me and I feel my heart start pounding violently in my chest.

It can't be him. There is no way it's him. He's just in my imagination. He's only in my dreams.

I hear my mom call my name so I tear my eyes away from this beautiful stranger. A part of me protests my actions but I ignore it.

"We're leaving now, honey. Did you make sure to grab everything you need?" I nod my head mutely and put the pack of assorted chocolate candies in the shopping cart.

"This is everything," I whisper, my throat feeling constricted. My mom nods before telling me to wait for her as she checks out. I take in deep breaths, but it still feels like something is blocking my throat.

I glance back at him one more time and see that he's still staring at me with his intense eyes. This time when I take in a deep breath, it works. I feel like I have never been able to breath better.

I swallow nervously before I quickly turn around and follow my mom to the check out lanes. I can still feel his stare against my back so I walk faster.

"Oh honey I was just coming to get you, we're done here," my mom says. I nod and we start walking towards the exit. I take a peek at him, but i make sure I don't stare into his mesmerizing eyes. I force myself to continue following my mom and I force myself to look away again.

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wow great job not many people can pull me into their boo so easily as you just did so thank you for that!! :-p
Meepmorp243 Meepmorp243 Jul 03
I literally just ate this for supper a little bit ago 😲😲
sablejai sablejai Aug 12
That's my height, but I don't consider myself tall... Just normal
abratasasv abratasasv May 08
I do the same thing. It always seems to happen right as I'm going to bed. I thought will pop into my head and I still try to ignore it after years and I have yet to fall asleep without writing it down. I can't sleep or get it out of my head  until I write it down
eclairebear eclairebear Jul 19
Me: *places order* 
                              Woman: Sweetie this isn't a restaurant .
                              Me: I'm dying and i need brownies don't question me