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Son Of Chaos: Betrayed

Son Of Chaos: Betrayed

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Chaotic Writer By ChaoticWriter Updated Dec 24, 2016

Percy Jackson saviour of Olympus gets betrayed by his friends family and the Olympians, even his own girlfriend Annabeth.
When Percy discovers that a young camper new to camp half blood claims that while he was fighting the minotaur, Percy stood laughing.
Percy gets disowned by Poseidon for apparently hurting his favourite son, and Athena's favourite daughter. The Olympians have a vote to get Percy killed.
When the votes are counted Percy is going to get his execution in front of his family, the campers, and the Olympians.
During the execution Percy gets transported by Chaos himself to the void.
Chaos explains to Percy that he really isn't the son of Poseidon but of chaos, chaos gives Percy 2 choices.
The first choice is to get sent back to earth and follow to the execution, or as second choice, go in chaos's army and become commander.

What will Percy chose? Will he fail or succeed? Will Percy and Annabeth get back together?
  Or will we meet someone new?
Read on to find out!

Consumed_by_Shadows Consumed_by_Shadows Dec 24, 2016
If you want to start over make a new book and call it rewrite or something but if otherwise I would say just put it in here and delete the rest afterwards
DanielTedFulgencio DanielTedFulgencio Dec 24, 2016
Let's see...... replacing the chapters is pretty lazy thing to do.......... making a new book is a hard thing to do......... how about do both but different plot and story depends on you though. Have fun
- - Dec 24, 2016
Why don't we focus around some kind of ancient gods older and more powerful than the prime. Let for example they could be like the forerunners from halo.