Follow Me Back [COMPLETED]

Follow Me Back [COMPLETED]

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A.V. Geiger By adam_and_jane Updated a day ago

(Wattpad Hot List #1)
Tessa Hart has a secret, but she's too scared to tell a soul. She spends her whole life glued to her phone, immersed in the online fandom of pop sensation Eric Thorn. She knows it sounds crazy, but he's the only one who seems to understand her, even love her...  

That's what Eric says over Twitter anyway: that he loves each and every fan. But the truth is he's terrified of them. Ever since a super-fan murdered the lead singer of British boy band Fourth Dimension, he can't shake the feeling he's next. Murderous fangirls may be one in a million, but with 14 million Twitter followers, the odds aren't in his favor.

Now another shocking crime has taken place, and Eric and Tessa both find themselves in the middle of the investigation. Will they find their way to love, or only violent heartbreak? You'll never guess the ending when online secrets come to light...

Teen Fiction

This is the complete online version of Follow Me Back. A revised and expanded print edition will be published in Summer 2017 by Sourcebooks Fire YA! This online first draft will remain up on Wattpad for all my readers to enjoy.

Wattpad Hot List #1!

Acleoxus Acleoxus Oct 05
Ahh you said she twice in the first paragraph! Just letting you know. :) Sounds interesting
Fourth dimension reminds me of one direction aka Hairy and the Nits
- - Sep 25
@r_purpplelover Oh, I remember that! I cried as well! Especially when the brother released his statement. That was so sad.
LampXo LampXo Oct 24
I haven't even started reading the first chapter yet, and it already sounds amazing. And correct spelling and grammar too?! This is awesome! :D
My friends aren't on Wattpad. They dislike Wattpad. They love Radish...
Dead5Girl Dead5Girl Nov 21
                              I read a book called whatever you do, don't read this
                              It gave me a link to this story and now 
                              IM VERY COMFUSED