The nerds secret

The nerds secret

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Hi I'm 16 years old my names Chloe and I have a secret. I'm the daughter of Max Hastings, does his name ring a bell probably should because his the richest man alive today. 

Yes I know in must be spoiled and uptight but I'm not. I'm actually homeschooled because of the fact that in my last year of elementary school I got used a lot, my dad just became a billionaire and everyone started to use me so I dropped out. 

It's been 4 years and I decided that I want to go back but I'm gonna need a disguise


Please check out my story, i hope you guys like it

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Tiffanyanglin13 Tiffanyanglin13 Jun 29, 2017
If that girl come and tell  me to  excuse  because she  don't want to catch my ugliness  I am going to punch her in the face  and how hard I punch  her in the face, swell  it immediately  and then I'll tell her who's  ugly now
_hermione_1 _hermione_1 Jul 07, 2017
you won't have to, it looks like you already caught it in the womb
12alisonnn 12alisonnn Mar 20, 2016
But the bleach for the blonde is more damaging than just dye
ElmoTheHoe ElmoTheHoe Oct 07, 2016
"i dont want to catch your ugliness" lmao is this bitch blind or somethin'?
Blah13was Blah13was Apr 26, 2016
She should have said "its alright , i didnt want catch you sluttiness anyways"
DudeMan15 DudeMan15 Feb 06, 2016
I've been homeschool for two years now, and it wasn't so bad at first but when you the same people over and over again, it gets kind of annoying and lonely😢 especially when you have 3 brothers and 3 sisters with you