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Eternal || Elijah Mikaelson

Eternal || Elijah Mikaelson

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James Bond By Breathe_Me Updated 7 days ago

Roseia Sothaide, the first witch that the Mikaelsons ever turned into a vampire, has single-handedly changed their lives. She has been with them ever since the beginning of the 12th Century. 

Roseia is like Klaus, a hybrid, but not in his form. She was a witch when the Mikaelsons changed her, and was powerful enough that she was able to keep her magic even when she became one of the children of the night. 

When Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah end up in New Orleans, Roseia is already there, having the time of her life with her old friend Marcel Gerard. She was happy to be with them again, though it had only been a year since they had last saw each other. 

However, Elijah is the one person she wasn't sure about seeing. 

Despite her connections with Marcel and the Mikaelson's, there is one vampire that has certainly had an affect on her decisions. And he is a vampire that is incredibly close to Marcel. Diego. The man that was there for her when Elijah wasn't. 

Time and time again, Roseia must decide between her friends, and the people that she considers to be family. Alliances will end, kings will fall, and feelings will arise.

People who knew the pair would say that Elijah Mikaelson and Roseia Sothaide had cared for each other for nearly a thousand years. They had each put the other before themselves. People would also say that the two of them had been in love for 900 years. They just didn't know it until now.

i'm tight , it's been 900 years and they still didn't know wtf
I came here for the Diego part and drama with Elijah I'm hype about it
ebonysalvatore ebonysalvatore Nov 29, 2016
only just found this story and i am so excited to start reading it omg
Fighterluv1205 Fighterluv1205 Oct 04, 2016
I love the song that you used, and I really love the trailers you made
*sigh* Diego is sooooooo hot!! For some reason I've been absolutely loving the Afro and I normally don't like guys with afros! I'm only on season 1 of the originals
CatherineDean363 CatherineDean363 Nov 29, 2016
I seriously love this!! Some people just don't like character building and growth!!