Alpha's my Mate

Alpha's my Mate

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Your moms chest hair By lukeslashfood Updated Apr 01

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"please don't kill me." I begged as the third in command lingered around me, his eyes turning an intense shade of yellowish green. I manage to sneak away from their land, partially my fault. I couldn't take any of this. The situation was terrifying.

But a sudden tension rise as adrenaline gush throughout my body. The scent from before was back. My mate is here. But who has the guts to show up in the Royal Scars pack? Once you set foot on their land, you can never look back.

The third in command was pushed back and he muttered "Alpha." Then a strong built body with intensive eyes came in view. 

He looked down at me and stared intensely and lustfully. His face soften then grabbed the third in command by his collar. "Mine!"

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Not a long story you just told us. "Well, dad wants us to live in a separate house." You don't question parents. That's how you get your butt whooped.
It's not like we're going somewhere...We have 22 chapters to read so in other words we have time...😶😶😶😶
Stargaza Stargaza Apr 12
Why is it always strapless dresses? Always the same can't anyone pick something new?
sprinkledcupcake2002 sprinkledcupcake2002 Feb 19, 2016
If all werewolves are abnormally Hot then Dylan O'Brien is definitely a werewolf.
werewolvesarelife45 werewolvesarelife45 Dec 09, 2016
so freaking true I cant go to bed without reading so awesome stories so that normally means 12-01 im going to bed
rudolph21 rudolph21 Jan 11
Is she talking about him tickling the inner thighs? (A lot of ppl are sensitive there)