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Chop Chop (A #Merome Story)

Chop Chop (A #Merome Story)

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Biker By bikergal12 Completed

Mitch is a new Junior student at Jersey Central High School. He goes through his classes without any attention payed except for when he goes to his final class of the day. Chop Class that is run by the legendary and young Mr. Aceti that everyone seems to love. What happens when these two notice each other and realize they have feelings? Read to find out. Warning: Yaoi/boyxboy Don't like? DON'T READ!! Enjoy!

Does anyone else think that this kinda sounds weird?
                              "Oh yeah, I also have a video of three teens chopping up a dummy with am axe in the basement" 😂😂
sparkle129 sparkle129 Jul 23, 2016
There's no such thing as a 'real diamond axe', but there are diamond-tipped axes.
Lizarino Lizarino Jan 13, 2016
He wasn't just a scared angle, he was ACUTE ANGLE!
                              HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA love me
imadubstepkitty imadubstepkitty Apr 05, 2015
And we use to have to use cutting tools some times and I would hot my friends with them xD
imadubstepkitty imadubstepkitty Apr 05, 2015
I have a teacher allowing my with explosives and my friends think thats bad imagine me with an axe
Fire_flight Fire_flight Mar 09, 2015
is it bad I'm imagining Jerome as a grown man and Mitch and all them five year olds?