The Entertainment [Watty Awards 2011]

57 Part Story 377K Reads 5.7K Votes
Shea Ryhai By SheaRyhai Completed
[Mystery-Suspense/Romance] Secrets are just another part of Salina White's new life. Ever since she changed her name in order to get revenge for her Dad's death, she's had to do things on her own. But when fate suddenly places her on the path to fame and success, she'll learn that more then a name can be changed. Secrets are meant for the painful revealing. Will Salina get her revenge first? Or will she be twisted up in a world full of more lies and secrets than even she can keep track of.
Great story....this was a real 'scroller'...loved every twist...can't wait for the're really good at this...keep writing :)
Hooked!  Omgosh.  Why are you even reading my stuff, yours is FANTASTIC. :D  I hope you own face in the Wattys!
I like how it started with the script. It made the start of the actual story a surprise.
Wow, this is really good :) I liked the beginning :) I thought it was actually the real story but it was just the script xD & this is the genre i like reading the most so I know I will enjoy it :D
This is really good. I love the discriptin - I could clearly see everything! Reading on and voting!
What a great intro... I have to keep reading!
                                    Ray Baldorossi