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Percy Jackson: Scarred

Percy Jackson: Scarred

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The lollypoptree By Lollypoptree123 Updated Jan 08

After the Giant war, my life was great. I had a girlfriend, awesome friends and a family. 
By shortly after that, it all went downhill. 
I was betrayed by the one I most loved. Bullied, abused and forgotten by my so-called friends. And then I was sent to literal HELL for apparently being in league with Kronos and Gaia during the wars.

So after being banished in hell for 5 earth years, he was brought back by an old friend.
What will the gods do and how will they react to this... New development and situation?
Read to find out!

England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Aug 04, 2016
😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤💥💥💥💥💥 I exploded (not literally.)
England_From_Hetalia England_From_Hetalia Aug 04, 2016
I will tell you what okay means in the longest possible way just because why not?
                              Okay means:
                              That if someone asked you a yes or no question and you reply with "okay," then that means the same thing as the agreeing option, yes. So the answer is yes.
PeacefullyGreen PeacefullyGreen Sep 28, 2016
Annabeth would never do this, really, she loves Percy so much
DeathToForgiveness DeathToForgiveness Dec 16, 2016
Tartarus is not Hell. Hell is worse. It's specifically made to torture people. Tartarus is for monsters.
We care about you Perce. And we will kill Annabitch, and get you out of there and you can live with us. Your fan girls
DaughterOfApollo816 DaughterOfApollo816 Jul 13, 2016
What the freaking Hades did they do to her because THEY BROKE MY OTP(oh my gods, I sound like freaking Aphrodite right now!)!!!!