Cold Fangs [Fangs Series # 2]

Cold Fangs [Fangs Series # 2]

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[Fangs Series #2]
You knew he was dangerous. You knew he wasn't ordinary. You knew his sharp fangs. He's pushing you but you're a hard-headed bitch who won't take no for an answer. You want him despite his perilous self.

You lose. You might be the persistent woman he'll ever know. But you can't change what his heart desires.

You gave him everything. Everything you have. You knew he wasn't appreciating it. Until you felt it. You're just a human being who gets tired. Tired of pulling him to you when everything he does is to push you.

But what comes around goes around. Now he's the one chasing you. Begging for you to come back. But it was too late. His cold fangs already infected your heart that made you cold.

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traceyjessica traceyjessica Nov 05, 2017
The trailer was so fasinating Whoo! Ill put Half of your works to my library to read ang gaganda sarap basahin keep up the good work author Wish i could meet you 😘
Misaki_Mikan Misaki_Mikan Jun 21, 2016
Umpisa pa lang ng song napaiyak na ako. My goodness. This song really have a big impact to me, I love the video too.
JessabelleMazo JessabelleMazo Feb 20, 2017
Haaii ang ganda ng story mu .pang lima na to .na babasahin ku .
                              Ung Vampire City hanggang Series #3 .
                              Tapos my Night and Shining Fangs at pag katapos ito ccmulan ku pa lng .. lahat ng story mu babasahin ku .. 
                              Basta marami akung gustung sabhin .hehe .
                              Offline reader nga pala aku .thank's Thyriza .
karenamariana karenamariana Aug 14, 2015
grabi..ang ganda ng video. ano po ang title ng bckground song?
Coldaice Coldaice Jan 20, 2015
nakita rin kita ivo !!!! .......... story added to library yey !!!! ...
mamewafaholo mamewafaholo Jan 09, 2015
haha akala ko, either kay Hunter or Ryder ang story na to! Fangs series no. 2 pala! im excited!