Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper

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Misha , Misha , Misha By IAm_Mishaa Updated Sep 09, 2016

"You just going to leave me and our fucking kids for some bitch you just met". I yelled following him as he collected his things

"Arial ! Leave me the fuck alone , I'll come see my kids I'm leaving you yes I just can't deal with you no fuckin more". He said still walking away from me

"Fuck you Bitch , I don't want yo broke , dusty ass either but you going to leave our boys , our only two boys who needs a daddy in there life's , are you fuck in serious. How tuh fuck I'm suppose to teach them what a daddy suppose to teach them huh"?. I yelled at him

"I don't know you a smart girl you'll figure it out". He said calmly 

"GET THE FUCK OUT AND DONT YOU EVER , EVER COME BACK INTO OUR LIFES". I yelled I felt the tears come down my face as I was looking at him eye to eye 

"I Love You Arial". He said on the other side of the door 

"Suck my dick". I said slamming the door in his face

-I looked around my small apartment and sat on the couch , I lit a cigarette and sat there and cried , then...

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