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My little emo neko

My little emo neko

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XwhyXsoXseriousX By XwhyXsoXseriousX Updated Aug 04, 2016

  "GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP EMO!!" my older twin Rylan yelled "ya ya I'm up" I said, standing up about to walk but as If being tired wasn't enough life decided to shove me down. Like, literally, i got up and was walking off to my closet when my foot caught on the blanket and I was falling, but before I could reach the ground I was pulled up into strong arms " woah you should be a bit more careful" my brother said with a smirk causing me to blush He moved his face closer " why is my little kitten blushing?" He said seductively by now I was crimson and uncomfortable, I tried to wiggle out of his arms, but that just resulted in him holding onto me tighter now that our faces were just centimeters apart. I desperately kept trying to get away " stop moving or else i'll do something you won't like" he whispered at this point I was freaking out" LET ME GO!! AHH-* i was silenced with lips crashing to mine, my eyes widened holy crap my brother is kissing me omg he bit my lip making me gasp he chuckl...

ShinoTheShadowShinx ShinoTheShadowShinx Apr 25, 2016
The story is great. I recommend changing the spelling errors, but they aren't that bad so really don't worry about it much. 😀
eekkkk (fangirl mode activated) me i think im going to die from adorableness
cottencandysweet cottencandysweet Apr 22, 2016
The story is quite good even if there were some words I didn't understand its still good😊
EmberWillow EmberWillow Mar 13, 2016
Usually when an older twin is mentioned people get technical and then it's just like "my older twin by 5 minutes, 14 seconds, and 2 milliseconds"
strawberryW16 strawberryW16 Feb 07, 2016
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS CHAPTER don't doubt yourself your a really good writer
UkiOnaha UkiOnaha Feb 13, 2016
Okay let me get this straight, twins who are step brothers... hmm...