The Invisible Empress of the Gods (Akashi X OC: Kuroko no Basuke Fanfic)

The Invisible Empress of the Gods (Akashi X OC: Kuroko no Basuke Fanfic)

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Tammy By Aoi_Demon Completed

Teiko Middle School had supposedly raised the Generation of Miracles to be the amazing players they are now, in high school. But who really did create them and their skills?


Ashikaga Sena is a freshman at Rakuzan High. She, in the shadows, had taught everything to the Generation of Miracles and raised them to be strong. She was the hidden manager who taught Momoi all about data-collecting and transforming them into plays that the players might have used. And most of all, even at full power, the Generation of Miracles still could not beat her.

One day, she meets them all again, and they become close once more. But two questions linger in the Generation of Miracles' minds. 

Why has Sena stopped playing basketball?


Why did she also disappear after the championship game, just like Kuroko?

Cover credits to me, don't steal it please. 
I do not own Kuroko no Basuke, I only own the OC and the plot in this book.

Kyoya_kumo Kyoya_kumo Sep 04
This is what happens when you don't listen to your mom's advice
Kyoya_kumo Kyoya_kumo Sep 04
You know? Like "bring an umbrella because is going to rain" (even though the sky is totally clear)
Cuz she's invincible.... just kidding! Lololol. I am loving the intro. Sorry for my bad engrish
doujxnshi doujxnshi Jun 28
*hand over mouth, leaning on table* well that escalated quickly
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ Apr 18, 2016
                              author chan, u almost made me cry on the first chapter… or is this a prologue…?
TeaTimeWithTrysta TeaTimeWithTrysta May 29, 2016
Everytime I hear the word butterfly I think of Rei from Free! oml im sorry xD